lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

City of Lights

Paris is a city with a lot of monuments, but it's the small things about those monuments that I enjoy the most.

Like for example, the perfectly trimmed trees in the Trocadero,

the walk along the river...

where you can find almost any second hand comic,

and the millions of padlocks found in Pont des Arts.

I love walking along the bridge and seeing all those padlocks that lovers have chained up as a sign of their strong love.

Cold Summer

 This past summer I've found myself traveling quite a lot. Rainy places seemed to be our main attractions...

In places like London and Paris, 
the only things really left to do are walk around jumping in puddles,

go to a couple of fruit markets,

meet some very nice homeless men...

 and some very mean ones.